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Cecil Touchon

Cecil To

Cecil Orion Touchon

List of Exhibits, Quotes from Articles, and List of Collections

BORN: Austin, Texas, 1956

St. Louis Community College at Florisant Valley, St., Louis, MO.
North Texas State University, Denton, Texas
University of Texas at Arlington, Texas



"At Play in the Utopian Matrix" Exhibition at William Campbell Contemporary Art in Fort Worth, Texas  Nov. 2001


Edith Baker Gallery - Dallas, Texas - Oct. - Nov.


Exhibition at Sears/Peyton Gallery in New York City, Nov.-Dec.
Exhibition at the New Gallery in Houston, Texas.  June - July
Studio Exhibition in Cuernavaca, Mexico - May


Exhibition at William Campbell Contemporary Art in Fort Worth, Texas Dec. 1998
Exhibition at the Edith Baker Gallery in the Spring 1998


The New Gallery, Houson, TX


Edith Baker Gallery, Dallas, TX


William Campbell Contemporary Art Ft. Worth, TX
The New Gallery, Houston, TX


Allene LaPides Gallery Santa Fe, NM
Edith Baker Gallery, Dallas, TX.


Allene LaPides Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
William Campbell Contemporary Art, Fort Worth, Texas


'Trans-Temporal Dialog', Edith Baker Gallery, Dallas, Texas
The New Gallery, Houston, Texas
Elliot Smith Gallery, St. Louis, Mo.


Markel/Sears, New York, NY
Elliot Smith Gallery, St. Louis, Mo.


William Campbell Contemporary Art, Fort Worth, Texas


Longview Museum & Arts Center, Longview, Texas


William Campbell Contemporary Art, Fort Worth, Texas
Read/Stremmel Gallery, San Antonio, Texas


'Constructions' William Campbell Contemporary Art, Fort Worth, Texas


Works On Paper- 280 Gallery, University Of Texas, Arlington,Texas



8th Salon International du Collage Contemporain de Paris - Paris, France
Works on Paper show at the Armory in New York City
Group Exhibition at Sears/Peyton Gallery in New York City


Works on Paper show at the Armory in New York City
Group Exhibition at Sears/Peyton Works on Paper New York


International Fluxus Group Show at CalArts - Main Gallery, California Institute of the Arts - Valencia, California - Organized by Allen Bukoff & Chris Butler/Fluxus Midwest
Works on Paper show at the Armory in New York City


Group Exhibition at Galerie van der Straeten in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Group Show at Edith Baker Gallery Dec. 1998
Works on Paper show at the Armory in New York City

Group Show at Edith Baker Gallery - Dallas - December
The Art and Technology Circus at Audart Gallery in New York, New York
Works on Paper show at the Armory in New York City


''Esperanza', Edith Baker Gallery, Dallas,TX
The Seattle Art Fair
Works on Paper show at the Armory in New York City


"In the Eye of the Beholder" Edith Baker Gallery, Dallas Tx.
Works on Paper show at the Armory in New York City


"Words" Boulder Art Center, Boulder, CO


Edith Baker Gallery,Dallas,Texas
William Campbell Contemporary Art, Fort Worth, Texas


Edith Baker Gallery, Dallas, Texas


The New Gallery, Houston, Texas
Edith Baker Gallery, Dallas, Texas
William Campbell Contemporary Art, Fort Worth, Texas


Edith Baker Gallery, Dallas, Texas


Invitational At The Longview Museum And Arts Center, Longview, Texas (First Place Winner)
Elliot Smith Gallery, St. Louis, Mo.


William Campbell Contemporary Art, Fort Worth, Texas
Moss/Chumley Gallery, Dallas, Texas


'Three to Show', Jan Weiner Gallery, Kansas City, Kansas
'Black is the Color', Moss/Chumley Gallery, Dallas, Texas
The Aspen Museum, Aspen, Co.
'Homegrown', William Campbell Contemporary Art, Fort Worth, Texas
Contemporary Art Month, Read/Stremmel Gallery, San Antonio ,Texas,
University of Texas Permian Basin, Oddesa, TX.
" Made in Texas", Moss - Chumley Gallery, Dallas TX.

"1987 Art of the Southwest", Jan Weiner Gallery , Kansas City, KS.


Group Show, Jan Weiner Gallery, Kansas City,KS.


"Drawings - Coast to Coast" , William Campbell Contemporary Art, Ft. Worth, TX.
Amarillo Competition- Amarillo Art Center, Amarillo ,TX.
Group Show - Jan Weiner Gallery, Kansas City, KS
New Collages, Richard's Cafe American Dallas, TX.


"Critics Choice" , D-Art Center, Dallas, TX.
Art in the Metroplex, Texas Christian University,Ft.Worth ,TX.
Group Show, William Campbell Contemporary Art, Fort Worth, TX.

Quotes from various articles, etc. about the work of Cecil Touchon.

" Contrary to popular belief, not all art is expressive of the artist's self.

Self- expression has been one current in the artistic flow of things and until recently, it was not the mainstream. For decades, beginning with the early 20th- century birth of Modernism, mainstream art has been not about the artist, but about the formal evolution of art.

However, in the '70s Modernism was declared dead -- out of gas, as it were -- and other reasons for making art hastily were brought forth. Unfortunately one major reason so asserted was that of self-expression. We say unfortunately because in many cases what resulted were a lot of sophomoric moping over late 20th-century alienation.

...True self-expression happens when artists know what is important to them -- no matter how modest or mundane or abstract -- and communicate it in such a way viewers find it imperative as well.

This conclusion comes at the expense of an artist who has determined not to indulge in anything resembling late-20th-century moping. Instead, his works are a celebration of such early modernist -isms as Miro's surrealism, Russian constructivism, synthetic cubism, futurism and orphism. Not to mention Matisse's late collaged images.

And -- prodigiously, almost alarmingly, talented -- Touchon makes some of the most gorgeous mixed-media paintings you could hope to see... Also, in his virtuoso synthesis of overlapping, dissolving planes, vortices and cutout arabesques -- the visual hallmarks of early modernism -- he subverts what was radical about modernism in the first place. In Touchon's hands, it becomes a mother lode of lovely compositional elements..."

Janet Tyson - Fort Worth Star-Telegram

" ...His show is a goodly selection of collaged, acrylic paintings on either canvas or paper. There are several works from his Fusion Series, which present simple geometric shapes simply arranged, within illusionistic frames [framing devices]. There are overlapping rectangles, with rounded wedges that resemble irregularly cut pie sections.

Occasionally Touchon inserts bits of paper, spattered with Hebrew script or musical notations. Sometimes he paints paper then cuts out shapes. Other times, collage is in the form of paper applied to the surface, then painted over with solid color, so there is a ghost of a collage.

Most of these works contrast small areas of bright hue with overall neutrally colored surroundings.

What is clear is the extent to which Touchon is in love with a formalism that, way back when, was loaded with revolutionary significance.

That he does not think that those early experiments in pure shape and color have been improved upon is evident in the way he uses the motifs, and in the way he has antiqued them artificially with pencil shading and other means to make individual elements and overall compositions into found artifacts..."

Janet Tyson - Fort Worth Star-Telegram

"...Touchon's abstractions relate to the more playful stages of Cubism and to the geometric concoctions of Russian Constructivism, both from the years around World War I. He pursues a modernism in which layered planes typical of collage clearly play a central role; and his tiny collages are his most appealing works..."

Donald Hoffmann - The Kansas City Star

" The spotlight, as far as I am concerned, falls on the work of Cecil Orion Touchon... He makes collages and paintings, and his work is solid and intelligent. He does geometric abstractions, and in them are reminders of Picasso here, of Kurt Schwitters there, and at other times of that splendid, classical geometricist, Ilya Bolotowsky.

Touchon has a keen eye for balance and color. He knows how to create tension within the frame and how to suggest deep space. In one group of pictures he uses trompe l'oeil to great advantage as a framing device and as a way of summoning up the past. In some collages he introduces braille to the mix of materials. Braille adds not only texture but also raises questions about the business of seeing and making things that are seen-- and the blessing of sight itself..."

Robert W. Duffy - Cultural News Editor of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch

" Abstraction has never looked as beautifully serene as it does in the work of Cecil Touchon. He combines the collage-like approach to the Constructivist painters with an almost trompe l'oeil sense of spacial depth.

The result is scenes of warmly colored geometric shapes that seem to revolve and recede into the canvas. The Fusion Series [the collages on paper] is Touchon's ongoing obsession with manipulating color and shape.

The Dallas Observer

" The 10 year survey of Cecil Touchon's work...might very well be called In Pursuit of Elegance.

Touchon creates mixed media works that are saturated with a sort of recherche, Proustian elegance. Fusing drawing, painting and collage, he creates serenely abstract images that recall early-20th century Constructivism and Synthetic Cubism. In works large and small, flat areas of rich color are layered with old envelopes, bits of sheet music and other romantic ephemera in works that are nostalgic and knowing, wistful and buoyant -- and above all else -- intensely atmospheric..."

Janet Tyson - Fort Worth Star-Telegram (Critics Choice Exhibit)

"...Touchon uses devices and theories from everywhere in his large acrylic and paper on canvas paintings. Like a hummingbird, he constructs his nest out of whatever he can find.

There are simple, geometric shapes from modern works and the age-old faux-frames, and these otherwise modern-looking works have a sense of historical relevance.

...The faux-frame- which Touchon said would be a no-no to most modern painters- creates a spatial window that allows the painting to take on a deep, three-dimensional quality..."

Jason Silverman, Paseo, Santa Fe

Selected Collections

David E. Rockefeller Jr.
Dr. Harold Simon
Dorothy Lay
Dannon Yogurt
Pace Managements
Quaker State Oil Company
FGIC, New York
UPS Atlanta Offices
AM South, Florida
American Airlines at DFW Airport
Delta Airlines
Addison Jet Port
United Airlines at Denver International Airport
William Noble Jewelers, Dallas
Longview Museum and Art Center
Craig Properties
Reader's Digest
Hallmark Cards, Kansas City
Prudential Insurance Company, Prudential Plaza,Newark, NJ
Haynes and Boone, Dallas
Cargill Corporation, NM
K.T.I. Corporation
J.P.Morgan Bank, (International Division), New York
Sanyo Corporation
Neiman-Marcus, New Jersey
Neiman-Marcus, Fort Worth
Swiss Banking Services
Fidelity Investments, Boston
First Boston
Trans Texas Investments
Southeast Bank
Southwest Bank
Bank of Tokyo, New York
Am South, Burmingham, AL.
The Muse Hotel - New York City, New York
Mito Plaza Hotel - Tokyo


Cecil Touchon is the founder/director of the International Museum of Collage, Assemblage and Construction and hosts international exchanges of collage among collage artists.

Gallery Utopia - Director begining 2001

Cofounder of the International Post-Dogmatist Group - an avant-garde artist organization

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