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Wangdabao 王大保

WANGDABAO, born in June 1935, is a painter from binhai, jiangsu province. Photographer, digital artist and micro video producer. In his early years, he studied in East China Branch of Central Academy of Fine Arts. After studying computer art in television university, he worked in propaganda and culture department. Participated in large-scale thematic art creation exhibitions in China. Later, he worked as an art editor and photojournalist in Zhejiang Legal Newspaper. He is a member of Chinese Artists Association, Member of China Book Ticket Research Association, member of Zhejiang Artists Association, member of Zhejiang Printmakers Association, member of Zhejiang Cartoonists Association, director editor of Zhejiang Legal News Office [senior title] 王大保, (名:王大宝 WANGDABAO) 1935年6月出生 ,江苏滨海人, 画家.摄影家.数字艺术家、微视频制作者 。早年就学于中央美术学院华东分院. 后在电视大学研习电脑美术,曾在宣传、文化部门从事美术创作。曾参与国内大型专题美术创作展览活动。之后在浙江法制报社从事报纸美术编辑和摄影记者。 他是中国美术家协会会员、中国藏书票研究会会员、浙江省美术家协会会员、浙江省版画家协会会员、浙江省漫画家协会会员、浙江法制报社主任编辑(高级职称)

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Wangdabao 王大保 has 199 works total in the Artchive. They are organized into tag categories you see listed below. Some works appear in multiple categories.

photo: 61photorealism: 27photomanip: 14drawing: 14手绘: 7painting: 7graphic: 6collage: 5landscape: 4图像 ,装饰 ,绘画: 3illustration: 3flora: 3fantasy: 3abstract: 3手绘插画: 2publication: 2performance: 2Hubei Enshi Grand Canyon stone scenery entrance: 2缤纷的 泡泡: 1昨晚 ,焰火, 鞭炮,闹元宵: 1浙江 ,渔山岛 ,外景 ,【水粉画 ,写生】: 1栅 屏风 Grid screen: 1在江西: 1运河边 雕塑 与花丛 Sculptures and flowers along the canal: 1运河 河畔 Canal bank: 1云南采风: 1月季花开红艳艳 w: 1月季 花开 Chinese rose flower open: 1月季 花 Chinese rose: 1鲜嫩的 甜瓜 倒影: 1我爱 大海 潮涨 潮落: 1王大宝 卡通 标签: 1王大保 天津高新区 留影: 1王大保 漫画 图片 标签_Wang_Dabao_cartoon_pi.jpg: 1王大保 2020年 在美国 旅游 摄影 游冰城: 1社区 迎春 年味 Community flavor of spring: 1上塘河的 ,傍晚 ,小景: 1上塘河 ,风景 ,自然 ,景色美: 1上塘河 ,下午 ,阳光 ,日照,景更美: 1山西 悬空寺 入山口 Shanxi xuankong temple into the mountain pas: 1山西 悬空寺 Xuankong temple in shanxi: 1山里红 花开 艳艳 The mountains are in full bloom: 1秋天 ,这红果子, 花儿, 开得艳: 1桥栏破碎怨声紧: 1墙壁上 ,盛开的, 月季花: 1千叶桃花 ,胜百花: 1南京 ,卧佛寺 ,佛相 ,扫描: 1美丽的 ,女孩 ,充满希望的 ,远望: 1美丽的 山乡 溪水畔: 1美景 美如画: 1美国 美丽的 山景: 1美国 黄石国家公园 地热喷泉 喷发壮观: 1漫画 模板: 1留影: 1林中 ,鸟儿 ,喜欢 ,飞翔: 1井岗山: 1桔 红花 The orange flower: 1剑蔴花儿 ,白又美: 1鸡冠 花 cockscomb: 1黄山 ,飞鸽 ,景更美: 1黄花 特写 也很美 Yellow flower close-up is also beautiful: 1花儿 朵朵 红 The flowers are all red: 1花 花 花 Flowers: 1湖边 花 The lake flowers: 1红色革命: 1红花 ,朵朵 ,向阳开: 1红花: 1好 红花 Good red: 1杭州,朝晖,上塘河,新时代,建设 ,施工 ,潢乾坤: 1杭州, 朝晖 ,上塘河, 自然景: 1杭州-,凤凰亭前,河道,排水壩: 1杭州 大关公园 月季花展 扫描: 1广州 长隆 鳄鱼公园 鳄鱼池: 1广西 友谊关 古代 之关口 Guangxi friendship of the ancient pass: 1根据地: 1风景 ,这边独好: 1恩施 大峡谷 腾龙洞内 激光 艺术表演: 1恩施 大峡谷 山石 风光 Enshi grand canyon rock scenery: 1冬天的 ,腊梅花儿 ,盛开: 1出墙的 花卉 美在外 Flowers grow on the wall: 1出墙 三角梅 The prune comes out of the wall: 1朝晖 ,上塘河 ,秋天的 ,景色: 1朝晖 社区 迎春 喜洋洋 The community is celebrating spring: 1插图: 1插画: 1报纸手绘插图: 1报纸: 1巴东 夜市 场景 Padang night market scene: 1芭蕉 花 Banana flower: 1wdb 旅游 摄影 在太平洋 海狮 栖息地 留影 : 1wdb ,在江西 ,红色革命 ,根据地 ,井岗山 ,留影: 1wdb: 1sizes in the park: 1see it: 1mā mā, teach me,as a child,Against thetide,Practice persev: 1it covers an area of 310 square kilometers There are more than 2: 1hubei province: 1go see it: 1flowers and thousands of flowers are fragrant.: 1flowers: 1enshi: 1birds are still in phase: 1and 43 have collapsed since 1970 due to erosion There is. If you: 1Zhejiang Province: 1Wintertime plum blossoms are in full bloom: 1Wang Dabao s previous paintings 王大保以前绘画作品: 1Wang Dabao is traveling in Beidaihe: 1Wang Dabao in Jiangxi red base jinggangshan photo: 1Wang Dabao cartoon label王大保 漫画 标签: 1Wang Dabao Tours the Arches National Park in the United States: 1WD在 美国拱门 国家公园 旅游摄影: 1WDB practiced in the cavalry company of the public Security Forc: 1WDB Travel photography photographed the Pacific sea lion habitat: 1WD 在美国 山地旅游 摄影图片: 1To win the spring is not self-sufficient: 1Tianjin: 1They rode bravely forward on their horses: 1The view is perfect here: 1The residual lotus is really beautiful in summer: 1The red flowers are blossoming into the sun: 1The plum blossom rejoices all over the sky snow: 1The hopeful vision of a beautiful girl: 1The green gardens are beautiful: 1The flowers are in full bloom: 1The cartoon template of Wang Dabao: 1The bridge rails are broken: 1The black swan 黑天鹅 photo: 1The Shangtang River in Hangzhou is a picturesque scene杭州上塘河: 1Thailand s coral reefs are picturesque 泰国 珊瑚礁: 1Tai Chi Kung Fu Fan Fitness in the morning light next to the str: 1Sword beautiful flower white and beautiful: 1Spring picturesque: 1Small Arches National Park is a Arches National Park in the Unit: 1Shangtang River scenery beautiful natural scenery: 1Shangtang River in the afternoon sunshine sunshine more beautifu: 1Scan of Buddha facies in Nanjing s Wofo Temple: 1Poetic Environment [Impression of Qingshan Lake]诗样的环境[青山: 1Photographic Documentary of Wang Dabao s Travel to Cambodia 王: 1Peacock flowers attract love 孔雀花惹人爱: 1PHOTO His uncle arjangos (digital painting) 他大叔阿尔汉格斯 (: 1Mountain gas is better day by day: 1It s strange! ? How can they fly underwater??: 1In the spring of 1963: 1Image decoration painting: 1I want to talk to you: 1Huangshan flying pigeon scenery is more beautiful: 1Get up: 1Friendship everlasting (original digital art) 友情长存(原创数: 1Flowers morning sun: 1Fireworks and firecrackers made a Lantern Festival last night: 1Exterior scene of Yushan Island: 1Evening view of Sheung Tong River: 1Door God s Hand Drawing [Spring Festival Door God Painting]: 1Digital art 数字美术: 1Crocodile pool in Guangzhou Chimelong Crocodile Park: 1Cover [look at the picture in multiple frames: 1Birds in the woods like to fly: 1Autumn scenery of Shangtang River in Zhaohui: 1Autumn hymn of ginkgo forest: 1A thousand leaves of peach blossom are better than a hundred flo: 12834: 12831: 1123 654: 1000 arches of all: 1

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