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Hi my name is Chaz/Charles Dodson and I do most of my color art with my own technique of watercolor inks. Sometimes i'll use pencil (sharpened with a blade), and then ink (some cheapo pen), and then sometimes i'll use ink straight on (without pencil roughs), making "final" art directly (as in the "Insomnized" comic, which was made with a ballpoint pen!).

So far I have done more than 80 art shows around the u.s.a. and a bit of Europe. Those are mostly 1-2-day affairs, not gallery thingies! (So don't be mis-led!) I've had at least 2 solo shows, one at a university (where I *wasn't* a student) that had the most folks attending *ever* (back in 1985!), as well as partaking in several group shows here and there. Since then i haven't done much in the 'fine art' world beyond doing freelance illustration and *beneath the underground* comix work that is oriented to human spirit liberation.

i'm really more into the images/ideas more than the technique going into all of it (i.e. the "arty" jargon of "aesthetics" and other high-f'lutin' words...What if technique is just one more way to complicate things and keep people distracted from spending too much time on the actual content of stuff?? Hmm? Whattayouthink?)

a bit about me
Anyway, a little about me, eh. i'm 42 (finally!), don't look my age at all so i'm told (i.e. still get carded! heh!), live the starving artist life to the hilt, make ends meet by doing illustration for publications with integrity (as much as possible), lean towards non-ideological angles of my own *bridge-archist* self-theory, having been inspired by decolonizing ideas including post-left anarchist methodology (tho my orientation is confrontive nonviolent, *NOT* violence! So get it straight!).

Any galleries (and other spaces, including media) interested in showing my art please contact me at the given email address or this one: spiritdude4[at]yahoo[dot]com


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