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Ann Erpino

Paintings, drawings and limited edition prints by award winning artist Ann Erpino belong to collectors worldwide. Art galleries in California, Oregon and Texas have exhibited her paintings, and her surrealistic images have been televised and featured in a Chico Museum exhibition. Her dream paintings were recently included in a lucid dreaming documentary at foreign and domestic film festivals. Ann earned a bachelor's degree in Fine Art from U.C.Berkeley, and studied painting with Anne Pierce and Salvatore Casa. She taught art classes for five years and worked as a muralist, scenographic artist, curator and portraitist before becoming a full-time fantasy painter in 2001. After she won the BEST ARTIST Award at an International Juried Art Competition, Barnes and Noble invited Ann to exhibit her work and judge a fantasy poster contest. She has traveled extensively, collecting sketches, photographs and inspirations for later use in the studio, and continues to paint full time. Limited edition prints, original paintings and drawings can be viewed by appointment or purchased through

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