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Zou Han


Institute of Atmospheric Physics
Academia Sinica, Beijing, China
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Hi, netters,

I'm the one loving traveling everywhere. I think the nature can
tell you what you are.

Here is the lsit of 256-color pictures taken in my trip to Egypt,
mainly Cairo, Luxor and Sharm el Shaykh.

The pictures were taken by using Canon EOS10 with ultrasonic zoom,
and scanned by a 18bit 200dpi scanner.

Zou Han


Any comment, suggestion and flame are welcome to


E-index1.jpg -- Thumbnails of Egypt01-12

E-index2.jpg -- Thumbnails of Egypt13-24

E-index3.jpg -- Thumbnails of Egypt25-33

Egypt01.jpg -- First impression of Cairo, bird view, 753x538
               Sorry for the  low  quality  from  heavy  haze 
               covering the city. 

Egypt02.jpg -- The yellow and the green, 700x492
               A clear line between the yellow desert and the 
               green agriculture.  The Nile  brought  up  the 
               Egyptian  culture by irrigating the green belt 
               along it. 

Egypt03.jpg -- Evening in Street of Cairo, 799x556
               Shopping after sunset is enjoyable in Cairo.

Egypt04.jpg -- The Egyptian Museum, 800x684
               It shows the great culture in last 5,000 years.

Egypt05.jpg -- The Sphinx  and  Pyramid  of Chephren in Giza, 
               Cairo, 136.5 metres high, more than 4500 years 
               old, 778x566 

Egypt06.jpg -- The Sphinx, 50 metres long and 22 metres high, 

Egypt07.jpg -- Zoser's  Step  Pyramid,  Saqqara (bird  view), 
               It was built in 27th century BC.  

Egypt08.jpg -- Islamic Cairo, 800x685
               One  can  find numerous mosques everywhere and 
               highest density of population in this country,
               in this part of Cairo.  

Egypt09.jpg -- Inside of The Citadel, 800x557
               The Citadel is a complex  with  three  mosques 
               and  four  museums.  It  began in 1176 and was 
               the rulers' home for 700 years.  

Egypt10.jpg -- Mosque of  Mohammed  Ali  (Alabaster  Mosque), 
               It is the biggest mosque in The Citadel, built 
               between 1830-1848.  

Egypt11.jpg -- Inside of the court of Mosque of Mohammed Ali, 

Egypt12.jpg -- Egyptian musicians, 572x800
               It  was  taken in a Egyptian bar in Cairo.  In 
               this kind of bars,  you might enjoy water pipe 
               to  smoke  the  mixture  of  dried  apple  and 

Egypt13.jpg -- Church of Al Muallaqa (Coptic), 521x800
               One of the oldest Christian places  in  Egypt. 
               The  Coptic  Christianity came to Egypt in the 
               1st century AC.  

Egypt14.jpg -- Dawn in Luxor, 700x482,
               Luxor started 4000 years ago on  the  site  of 
               ancient Thebes.  Its excellent preservation of 
               historical   sites   makes   it  as  the  most 
               attractive centre for tourists.  

Egypt15.jpg -- A street in Luxor, 800x483
               Luxor  is  and  was  also  one  of   important 
               commercial centres in Egypt.  

Egypt16.jpg -- The west bank of the Nile in Luxor, 800x504
               It  is  the  necropolis  of the ancient Thebes 
               (present Luxor), including tombs for the Kings 
               and even ordinary workers.  It seems a  museum 
               of technology for construction, decoration and 
               concealment of tombs.  

Egypt17.jpg -- The Nile in Luxor, 800x600
               For most of Egyptians, the Nile is Egypt.

Egypt18.jpg -- Karnak Temple, Luxor, 800x806
               The  great  temple of Amun,  the head of gods.  
               It was built,  enlarged and added  during  the 
               Middle   and   the  New  Kingdoms.   With  the 
               strongest powers in Thebes, the temple was the 
               most important one in Egypt.  The  obelisk  in 
               the pic stands 25 metre high.  

Egypt19.jpg -- The Great Hypostyle  Hall  in  Karnak  Temple, 
               It  was  begun  by  Amenophis  III (also built 
               Luxor Temple).  There are unaccountable  stone 
               pillars in this hall.  

Egypt20.jpg -- Karnak Temple, 800x563
               The  temple measures 1.5x0.8 km.  Every rulers 
               contributed halls,  courts, walls or pylons to 
               it for 1500  years.  The drawing  in the lower
	       right part is Amun, the head of gods.

Egypt21.jpg -- The Second Pylon of Karnak Temple, 549x800
               It was built  by  Horemheb  in  18th  dynasty. 
               Ramses II raised the two statues of himself.  

Egypt22.jpg -- The First Pylon of Karnak Temple, 528x800
               The  main entrance to the temple with sphinxes 
               along the avenue.  

Egypt23.jpg -- The statue of Ramses II, 524x800
               in the Great Court, Karnak Temple.

Egypt24.jpg -- The Court of Amenophis III  in  Luxor  Temple, 
               Luxor  Temple was built by Amenophis III,  the 
               New Kingdom Pharaoh, for the gods of Thebes.  

Egypt25.jpg -- The  Colonnade  of  Amenophis  III,  in  Luxor
               Temple, 560x800

Egypt26.jpg -- Tombs on the west bank of Luxor, 800x484
               I forget where it was.  Valley of the  Queens?  
               I was really confused by the great culture.  

Egypt27.jpg -- Colossi of Mamnon, 800x552
               The  two statues of Amenophis stand 18 metres.  
               They are the only  remain  of  the  temple for 
               Amenophis III.  

Egypt28.jpg -- Masons working on stones in Luxor, 800x630

Egypt29.jpg -- Girls weaving carpet, 655x516
               It  was taken in a carpet school on the way to 

Egypt30.jpg -- Egyptian and Camel, 456x520

Egypt31.jpg -- Sharm el Shaykh, 800x468
               the  town on the south top of the Sinai to the 
               Red Sea 

Egypt32.jpg -- The Read Sea coast, at Sharm el Shaykh, 800x549
               The  attractions  are  colorful  coral,  coral 
               fishes and water sports. 

Egypt33.jpg -- Map of Egypt with the national flag and anthem.

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